Is it time for your parents or loved ones to consider a move to a retirement community? Here’s how you can be a resource to your parents – and how Burcham Hills® can be a resource for you – in this very important decision.

First Things to Consider

There comes a point in the life of many adult children when they begin to wonder if their parents or loved ones should consider making the move to a retirement community. The very fact that you’re looking at this page indicates that you may be at that stage. If so, what should you be looking for? How can you help counsel your loved one?

For many senior adults – the realization of “something better” comes with the recognition that the home that they have lovingly maintained all these years is more space than they need – or want to maintain.  All the normal responsibilities and expenses of home ownership – mowing, maintaining, painting, cooking, cleaning, dusting, taxes, transportation, etc., may become not only a time-consuming physical challenge, but also a growing expense.

Important indicators to examine

  • Do your parents have “more house” than they need? Has the joy of home ownership become an expensive, physically challenging or time consuming burden?
  • Have you noticed that your parents are spending time on things they “have to do,” rather than things they “want to do?”
  • Are your parents isolated in their own home? Are they free to get out and explore – to pursue the activities they enjoy?
  • Do they have ready access to shopping, medical services, activities and transportation?
  • Are they located near friends and family who could help if needed?
  • Is meal preparation a chore, or a joy? (Do they routinely enjoy healthy, delicious meals, or are they “keeping things simple” to avoid the bother?)

Action Steps:

  • Start a conversation – as soon as possible. And recognize that the acceptance of the idea may need to grow over time.
  • Identify a few retirement communities that might be appropriate, and take some tours. (An important test: When taking the tours – do you immediately feel welcome and at-home?  Burcham Hills is known for its family-like atmosphere.  Please compare!)


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Financial Considerations

There are many types of retirement communities – with a wide variety of fee structures. You and your loved one will want to choose the one that’s appropriate for them.  (Burcham Hills can help advise and guide you and your loved ones on this!)

Many seniors find that with the sale of their home, along with the associated reduction of taxes, ongoing maintenance costs, etc., making a move to a retirement community is not only reasonable, it makes a lot of financial sense. We’ll be glad to help walk you and your loved ones through this process, and have very helpful guidelines that will help put the financial component into perspective.

Action Item:

  • Help your parents take stock of their financial situation and options – and compare the results with community guidelines.

Help in Planning and Making the Move

Some retirees find themselves overwhelmed by the prospect and process of moving. Downsizing, putting a home on the market and planning a move can seem monumental – until you break them down into logical, manageable segments.

Burcham Hills frequently hosts workshops and events on these subjects, and is glad to help and advise!  As an adult child of a prospective resident – you are very welcome and encouraged to attend.

By the way – as an adult child – you may be in a unique and wonderful position to help your parents sort through their belongings in the downsizing process. This may involve helping to select items that should make the move, which should be kept in the family as heirlooms, and which items to toss, sell or give away.

Action Item:

  • Explore resources for selling your home and relocation services, CLICK HERE

Lifestyle Considerations

One of the most important elements to look for in a retirement community is lifestyle.

In times past, many senior adults were content to more or less park themselves and live out their lives. Not anymore! Today’s seniors have the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest. For example, at Burcham Hills this involves a complete “culture of wellness,” – to help promote life balance and independence for all residents. It’s a combination of programs and amenities that contribute directly to our residents’ quality of life. It encompasses the “Eight Dimensions of Wellness:” physical, intellectual, social, vocational, emotional, spiritual, environmental and health services  – and is being incorporated into every facet of life at Burcham Hills. Ask for detailed information!

Key to look for:

  • A culture that promotes life balance and independence.

Summing Up

Most people, upon taking up residence at a retirement community such as Burcham Hills, find themselves wishing they had made the move much sooner! In this new lifestyle, your parent or loved one can enjoy a carefree lifestyle, free to pursue the activities they want and enjoy – rather than their responsibilities. They can be near family, in a “just like family“ atmosphere of a caring staff and friends their own age, with similar interests – where there are always activities and events that provide physical, mental, emotional and spiritual engagement.

Why wait? The sooner most seniors can begin enjoying their new lifestyle, the better!

Action Item:

We’re Here to Help!

Thank you for your interest in helping your parents or loved ones make this important decision. And please think of the team at Burcham Hills as a resource as you make your choices.

We look forward to having you and your parents as part of our extended family.